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Quality performing arts education can be tricky to find. It's even harder to find performing arts education that is regulated by international exam boards. Luckily for us, Trinity College London have created exams allowing students to gain access to their industry leading qualifications from anywhere in the world.

Using a Tablet

During Covid-19, many of our in-person international students found themselves in a tricky predicament. Many chose to go home to the safety and familiarity of their home countries, but they were keen to continue their one-on-one lessons. Thanks to Trinity College London digital exams, it was easy for us to continue their speech education, some even recommending us to their friends! Today we're teaching a number of talented students all over the world from Europe to Australasia, Asia and North America! Some have even received exhibition awards for their outstanding work.

We have many exciting things in the works, including more courses in performing arts, public speaking and debating, so if you're keen on accessing quality arts education from anywhere in the world, join our mailing list to keep up with our work!

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