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Private Speech and Debate Tutoring

Group classes and teams are subject to availability. Click here to join the waiting list.

Giving students of all levels the skills they need to be successful in speech and  debate. Students are welcome to add to the time they have already booked if they would like to extend their package. Alternatively, if you have a specific goal and would like a custom amount of hours, send us a message about how we can help you.

We cover a wide range of debating styles including:

  • Australasian-Asian Debate

  • World Schools Debate

  • Lincoln-Douglas Debate

  • Policy Debate

  • Parliamentary Debate

  • Oxford-Style Debate

  • Mock Trials and Mooting

  • Model United Nations

  • Public Forum Debating


...and many more

Learning From Home

One Term

10 hours - $540

Our 10 hour package is ideal for a student who only wants to try speech and debate for the term. Just want to learn the basics? Have a specific goal to work on? Try the 10 hour package!

Half Year

20 hours - $1080

Need to build your skills? Our 20 hour package will give you 2 terms worth of lessons, ideal for the debate student who might not want a year round extra curricular activity, and are instead looking for something to keep them going on the off season.

Speaker with Hands Raised
Students Sitting on Staircase

Full Year

40 hours - $2160

This 40 hour package is for the student who want to sign up for a full year of speech and debate. Ideal for the student who would like a coach to help guide them through competitions and develop their skills to the highest level


Explore Speech and Debate

Find out more about our speech and debate tutoring packages including the styles and content we cover. Sign up to our mailing list to find out about competitions, teams and group classes, sign up to our waiting list.

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