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Speech and Debate

Interested in improving your skills in speech and debate? We can help! We offer tutoring for students of all levels. Perhaps you're just starting and want to explore different events, or maybe you're looking for some guidance for an upcoming event? Send us an email and book a free 30 minute Zoom consult to find out more about how tutoring can help you.

What are the events of speech and debate?

The events of speech and debate vary for different countries, competitions and levels. There are a huge range of events you might come across. Here are some of the most common:

Solo events:

Extemporaneous Commentary


Dramatic Interpretation


Extemporaneous Speaking

United States Extemporaneous

International Extemporaneous

Humorous Interpretation


Informative Speaking

Original Oratory


Program Oral Interpretation



Duo and group events:


Duo Interpretation

Secret Debates

Big Questions Debate

Congressional Debate

Extemporaneous Debate

Lincoln-Douglas Debate

Policy Debate

Public Forum Debate

World Schools Debate

Parliamentary Debate

British Parliamentary Debate


Mace Debate

Oxford-Style Debate

Model UN

...and many more...

Interested in an event not listed here? Let us know!

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